Independent Retirement Newport News

We have experienced the benefits associated with our retirement packages and know what to do to make better use of them.

Our staff consists of retired federal employees who have used the benefits package and can pass information on to you.

We can let you know what your survivor benefit plan covers in case you have an accidental death.

You can take a clinic on your lunch hour and learn about your retirement package.

We offer workshops and clinics to help you decide on the retirement strategy that will work best for you.

Call for our complimentary report on your retirement situation.

No matter what service branch you retire from, we have information relevant to your benefits.

When you can know what your retirement money will be, you can relax and plan for it.

As a former member of the armed forces, our trainers can tell you about the benefits our servicemen are entitled to have.

We can show you what you are eligible for when you retire at different stages of your life and your career.