Virginia Beach Federal Employees Retirement System

If you are part of the federal employee health benefit program, we can explain all of that to you.

We have experienced the benefits associated with our retirement packages and know what to do to make better use of them.

Because the economy changes all the time, you should let us help you decide what to do with your retirement benefits.

If you are a federal government employee, we are here to educate you on what to expect from your benefits package when you retire.

No matter what service branch you retire from, we have information relevant to your benefits.

You can attend one of our seminars and learn what your benefits package for retirement is all about.

Planning your retirement is something that should start as early as possible.

Making sure you have enough medical coverage is very important as you get older.

We have experience using the benefits packages ourselves, so we know what to recommend to you at your young age.

If you want to know whether you have enough money in your retirement fund to take you through years of retirement, just give us a call.