Virginia Beach Federal Employees Retirement System

If you prefer to talk with someone in person to learn about how to save for your retirement, we can arrange that for you.

If you are a federal government worker, you know that you will have a good retirement plan for later in life.

No matter what service branch you retire from, we have information relevant to your benefits.

If you have a 401k that will be a part of your retirement, let us know so we can tell you what that will mean to you.

You can attend one of our seminars and learn what your benefits package for retirement is all about.

We can help you analyze your benefits and show you whether you need to add more to your funds at this time.

When you want to talk about government retirement plans, talk to a retired government worker.

Saving money throughout your career will insure that you have enough when you retire.

Some people plan to travel a lot when they retire and others want to buy a vacation home.

We can show you what you are eligible for when you retire at different stages of your life and your career.